Friday, August 26, 2011

My Tools

I don't own anything fancy or super high quality in the kitchen (or at all really), but I'm grateful for what I do have and make the best of it.  The following are the tools that I use on a day-to-day basis.

Probably the most used appliance in our house (next to the tv) is this baby right here.  A lovely glass top electric stove.  I have cooked on a gas range for most of my life so it took some adjusting when we moved in here and only had electric hook ups.  We're not planning on rewiring our home any time soon, so this is what I work with.

I am pleased to introduce Betty White, my favorite kitchen tool.  A Kitchen-Aid Classic mixer.  Love this! 

When my mom moved in with us she brought with her this nice set of Rachel Ray pots & pans.  I really really like them and though someday I'd like to get something a little more durable, these are great for what I make.

I use recipes from several different sources.  I use the Better Homes cookbook the most.  I use other fun cookbooks, too, though especially when preparing food for Ewan (and eventually Feenie).  I have a ton of handed down recipes that I've recieved from friends and family.  The bulk of those, though, I received from strangers.  See, there's a website called and I placed a wish on there for recipes and got over 100 favorite recipes from folks on there.  It was great!  I also rip recipes out of magazines and print them off from internet sites.  If you have a recipe you'd like me to try, please feel free to email it to  I'll try anything once!

And finally, a very disorganized drawer full of random utensils. (This drawer makes me crazy, by the way, and I hesitate to even post a picture but I felt it needed to be included.)

I also use the microwave once in a while but I really try to make things using "old fashioned" methods.  But there you have it, my plain old awesome kitchen.  

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